Our governance

Trust governance structure


Are the guardians of governance within multi academy trusts.  Their role is to hold the Trust Board to account.  For information on our Members click here.


The Board of Trustees is the Governing Body for the organisation and remains accountable in law and to OFSTED for the exercise of its functions. It is the accountable body for the performance of all Academies within the Trust.  Further information about our Trust Board can be viewed here.

Local governance structure

To support the work of schools and the Trustees, Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust ensures the local stakeholder voice is represented and heard through our Advocates in our primary schools and Local Stakeholder Boards with our secondary settings. They provide a local level of access and accountability for our parents and carers designed to build and deepen partnership and connection. This is the place where the individual pupil and parent voice is heard and understood; where the lived experience of our provision and offer is felt and triangulated.

In our primary schools we now have Advocate roles and these governance colleagues link directly with one school to support and act as conduits sharing stakeholder voice upwards to the newly formed Primary Advocacy Board, a sub-committee of the Trust Board.  The secondary schools still continue to have Local Stakeholder Boards.  To find out more about our local governance click here.