Our vision and values

In our broad and inclusive approach, we offer a home for all and we accept all for who they are, and who they are becoming.

Our purpose

Working together to provide the highest quality of education for all local children, in order to ensure young people from all backgrounds are able to succeed.

Our mission

Using our individual and collective strengths to improve our schools and provide an excellent experience for everyone we serve and to have positive impact on our local communities and wider influence and reach.

Our vision

Everyone in our Trust will flourish, grow and succeed.

Our values

Ambitious: Inspiring an ambitious learning for all, rooted in commitment, responsibility, curiosity and aspiration.

Co-operative: The flourishing of individuals and building of positive relationships underpinned and sustained through dignity and respect.

Transformative: Character , confidence and care nourished and developed through a horizon of hope and growth.

How we’re achieving this:

  • Facilities

    Excellence in the physical and digital learning environments.

  • Finance

    Sustainability in finance to underpin investment and resourcing.

  • Reach

    Civic and system leadership to ensure impactful external engagement.

  • Quality

    Exceptional education provision to underpin excellence in teaching, learner experience outcomes.

  • Curriculum

    Innovative and relevant curriculum which is both knowledge-rich and experiential.

  • People

    Ambitious, ethical and aligned people to model and lead at all levels.

Our values

  • Self help

    We believe we are all special and unique. We will inspire, and be inspired, so that we all develop the knowledge, skills and understanding, as well as resilience, aspiration and confidence to find our niche and consciously chart our own destiny. We will embrace our vulnerabilities and will know when and how to seek help.

  • Solidarity

    We stand together to overcome challenges, have high aspirations and celebrate achievement. Our mutual respect is lived through language and behaviour to enhance unity and achieve our vision. Positive relationships, embracing and promoting difference and the understanding of varying viewpoints, enable us to flourish together.

  • Equality

    Inclusion is the soul of our Trust. Opportunities are given to reveal the champion within all of us. We nurture everyone, especially those in greatest need, to ensure equality for all. Every member of our Trust family is unconditionally loved and respected.

  • Self-responsibility

    We are all responsible for the choices we make, our behaviours and attitudes, and the way we think and feel. We are liberated to take ownership of our responsibilities. Actively engaging in living and contributing to the vision and values of our Trust is our individual and collective responsibility.

  • Democracy

    We serve our communities as leaders; committed to improving the social and economic health of our children, families and wider society. We create opportunities to provide for and nurture the most vulnerable. Diverse voices are encouraged, represented and valued so that we can understand and best serve our whole community.

  • Equity

    We believe every child, regardless of background, has the right to the best education. Through the development of skills and knowledge, and opportunities and experiences, we prepare them for their life now and the future. We value every member of our Trust family.

  • Transformation

    Together, we are a family of schools, united in our mission to sustain and strengthen our communities through exceptional education; based on the needs and aspirations of our children and the communities we serve. We will transform the life chances of children and adults alike, within and beyond our Trust.