Central to everything Dartmoor Multi-Academy Trust does is a sense of community, and a belief that we can achieve more together. That is why we are so thrilled to support a wide range of charity-based and fundraising activities across our schools.

Our Trust community team works hard to raise funds for trust-wide projects and to support schools in grant applications and in their fundraising endeavours.

In the last year we have been successful in raising over £100,000 centrally. We are a Trust which takes its role as civic leader in the local area seriously and facilitates connections between schools, parents, governors and PTFA with local charities, businesses and agencies.

Our kind students, families and staff work hard to raise money each term to support local causes, national charities and for special pieces of equipment for their schools. Each term they think of new inventive ways to raise money

We believe that the sooner children are involved and engaged with understanding the needs of those around them and how to make the world a better place, the more confident and comfortable they become in leading the charge for change and becoming compassionate, caring adults. This is an important part of any child’s education. By involving them in a charitable activity, you can equip them with the skills that will benefit them down the road, all while promoting civic values that positively shape the future of our society.

If you have any ideas for fundraising or would like to make a donation to a school please email ; we would be delighted to hear from you.

Top fundraising tips

Need to raise money for an important cause? Inspired to put something back into your local school and community? Here are some fundraising tips which will help make your fundraising efforts a success:

Tip 1

Find a cause that needs support, will engage local people and will not cause a divide. Assess that there is real need.

Tip 2

Cost out your project and what you will need to fundraise but be sure to set a realistic goal.

Tip 3

Use powerful visuals to tell the story and capture people’s enthusiasm and imagination; social media to update; a snappy title for the fundraising to spread the word easily and upload high quality photos and videos

Tip 4

Use the talents of your local area to contribute to the project: if a parent is an architect see if they can help with drawings or plans; if governor works in a supermarket enquire whether they could donate raffle prizes, and perhaps you have a grandparent who would like to donate some time to keep a financial spreadsheet or help to call the project meetings.

Tip 5

Ensure you make good relationships with the local press.

Tip 6

Update your fundraising total regularly so people we can see the target and the journey you are on.

Tip 7

Build a community – liaise with key people in the area, find ways to approach those who may be isolated or not usually involved in this kind of activity. From this more community connections can be built and will last long after the project has come to fruition.

Tip 8

Adjust your goal as needed, although be wary of constantly extending or adding on to the original target.

Tip 9

Follow up on your fundraiser – make sure contributors are thanked, photos are shared, the good news of the stories is spread and the next idea can be added at the end to ensure engagement. Share a contact email address so that those who have really enjoyed this activity can reach out again ready for the next idea.

Get in touch

Have an idea for a fundraising event? Or would like more information on upcoming events? Get in touch.

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