Join the Trust

Since becoming a multi-academy trust in 2018, we have always sought to provide ‘exceptional education at the heart of the community’, and are proud of what we have achieved in a relatively short space of time.

The shared vision and cooperative values of Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust provides a pillar of strength for the staff and school community at St James. Where once, St James sailed as a lonely ship through the stormy seas of education, we now have our sails set in a collective and ambitious direction. Here, expertise and shared vision work together for the very best provision and outcomes for all children. We are a family of schools who work to benefit the whole and we enjoy both our school contribution to this, as well as the benefits we know our staff and children gain from us being part of DMAT.

Geraldine Carter, Associate Principal
St James C of E Primary School

We are always looking to expand and deepen our links in the region through new partnerships. This includes work with local businesses, organisations, schools, and multi-academy trusts.

The Department for Education has made it clear they intend for every school in the country to be part of a strong multi-academy trust by 2030, and we believe we are well placed to support educators with this transition.

In the past, we have provided advice for other schools going through this process, and carefully managed our own growth to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students, staff and the wider community.

If your school or trust would like to explore how DMAT could support you, or to discuss what we have learned since we became a trust, please contact Susanne Kiff, Deputy Trust Leader and CFOO.