11 June 2024 |


We have had a packed afternoon of activity in Bayeux with a visit to the awe-inspiring Bayeux Tapestry where the children learned about the build up to the Battle of Hastings and how William the Conqueror became King of England after the famous battle against Harold. The retelling of the story through handsets helped the children to make sense of the stitched scenes within the darkened passageway.

It was especially heartening to hear the feedback from a member of the public who commented:

Wonderful children! I didn’t even know they were here! Brilliantly behaved!

A welcome picnic lunch in the shade of the trees provided a well-deserved top-up of energy to sustain us through the afternoon. We investigated inside the cathedral where the voluminous space captured everyone’s imagination due to the scale and height of the building, let alone the detailed hand-carved stonework.

The sunshine brought the warmth we needed to sit outside and undertake some sketches to capture some of the magnificence of the architecture. We will upload some photos of the sketches and our activities a little later (once we have some wifi!)

En route back to our chateau now to wash and change after 24 hours and have some dinner before the evening activities.