Beautiful Shelter at Boasley Cross Primary School

19 January 2022 |

Visitors are stunned when they visit Boasley Cross Primary School and see the amazing shelter which was created by The Morris Family during the summer last year.

The Shelter has carved posts, wooden mushrooms, and owls plus field mice to spot amongst the beautiful design. The floor is covered in bark chippings, there are rustic tables for the children to make crafts on, log seating and a fire pit. The pupils of Boasley Cross Primary are lucky enough to be able to use the shelter all year round; from outdoor lessons to enjoying the fire pit and sharing stories. Some of their favourite activities have been toasting marshmallows whilst sitting together around the fire, making crafts like reindeers, hedgehogs, bug hotels and bird boxes. The older children are encouraged to help the younger ones, and everyone knows the importance of safety.

This kind of outdoor space is particularly important during the recent challenging times when children have emerged from lockdown needing that outdoor space and innovative approach to learning.

Lorraine Simmons, HLTA and Forest School Leader at Boasley Cross Primary School, said ‘We are truly thankful to the Morris Family and everyone else who has made this structure possible. We use the shelter 3 or 4 times a week during lesson times and in after school clubs. Research has shown a strong link between mental health and wellbeing and spending time in the outdoor environment. Boasley Cross Primary offers regular Forest School sessions to all age groups. Without the kindness of the local community, projects like this and the Sensory Garden would not be possible.’