British Memorial

14 June 2024 |

Friday 1.30pm

Following the 80th D day anniversary events of last week, the children and staff were eager to visit the British Memorial in Ver-sur-mer to see the location of the special service attended by King Charles and many world leaders.

We approached along the white pathways which led to the pillars configured in the shape of the union flag. Each of the pillars contained the lists and lists of names of the soldiers who served and lost their lives, never to return home. The fields which lie between the memorial and Gold Beach, contain a new installation of sculptures of soldiers – 1475 to commemorate those who didn’t return home.

The rain held off just long enough for us to reach the centre, before our first and only downpour came down in torrents! We still managed to see the wreath laid by the King and feel the power of the time we spent there.