Everyone In Our Trust update – Passionate

06 January 2023 |

In this week’s update I want to focus on being passionate. It feels so apt that this behaviour is under the spotlight this week, given the incredible energy, drive and commitment shown by colleagues across our family of schools during the INSET on Tuesday. Never before have we all worked together like this, regardless of role or school, in a way that really demonstrated the purpose and benefits of being a Trust. The hard work and excellence demonstrated by the facilitators to share knowledge and to look at innovative solutions was matched by the teamwork and listening of all staff who brought their whole selves to the day, and to the work. Passionate delivery, sincere beliefs and genuine engagement were the markers of the day, as shown by the overwhelmingly positive feedback that so many of you have given.

This is why being passionate is such an important behaviour within our Trust. It motivates us and drives us to do our very best for the children and communities we serve, knowing that they deserve the very best from us. It is the opposite of cynicism and a sense of adult-centred entitlement, as it reminds us that we are not just fulfilling a job but are serving a vocation and a greater mission than any of us can do alone – being passionate and enthusiastic becomes the glue that binds teams together and helps to get us through the hard times. It is also the behaviour that gets us out of bed each morning and ensures that when we interact with children, colleagues or parents and carers that we have a genuine smile on our face and that the care and compassion that underpins our passion to serve shines through.

Being passionate is not always easy. There will always be things, both personally and professionally, that can take away from our sense of joy, or divert us from our service and distract us from our common purpose. This is of course understandable and where being part of a team means we can be supported through those times. It also means we each need to dig deep to keep our professional cloaks on and do the work that makes such a difference.

Being passionate is about our beliefs, what sits below the surface of the iceberg and it is a choice we can all make. When I was training, I was told there are two types of people within education – radiators and drains. Being passionate means we radiate warmth, confidence and care and I believe that we are uniquely fortunate to have such a willing and caring staff who are indeed radiators. We all have our off days but make the active choice to be a radiator, to be passionate and to serve as we are called to do; there is no place for drains within this Trust.

Dan Morrow

Trust Leader and CEO