From the chalkface – A Religious Studies trainee’s story by ​Trudi Massey

26 January 2022 |

Being a School Direct trainee is a fantastic way of training as a teacher because from the beginning of the first term I have been present in the classroom experiencing the teaching environment.

This has included observing, team-teaching and solo teaching and it has been a great learning experience and an opportunity to start building relationships with pupils and teachers from the word go. There has also been the opportunity to be part of the whole school community by attending staff, year team and faculty meetings and being involved in extra-curricular activities.

As a trainee I have felt well supported throughout the first term, through having an assigned mentor, ongoing professional development training and support from teaching and support staff. It can seem overwhelming at times especially when there are lessons to plan and assignments due in, however, keeping organised and speaking to my mentor and university tutor has helped to relieve the pressure.

Through the experience I have gained in term one, particularly around dealing with behaviour issues, witnessing how this has been professionally dealt with and reflecting through written observations and assignments on the subject, I feel more confident about solo teaching going into term 2.

​Trudi Massey, RS trainee, Tavistock College