From the chalkface – An English trainee’s story by Robbie Bond

27 January 2022 |

‘So far, the training at Tavistock College as an English School Direct Student has been a fantastic experience. There seems to be a well-established support network for trainees where you will have all of the foundations in place to thrive and get the best out of the training.

I have enjoyed working with a wide range of students that work at different levels and have different needs, this allows for you to get a real understanding of how it is to be working within a busy secondary school. It has also been incredibly beneficial to be immersed within your department and feel like a member of the team as opposed to a trainee, having the opportunity to work within a team at a fast, realistic pace has allowed me to further understand what it will be like when working as a qualified teacher.

In addition to this, the route allows you to learn, observe and have much more contact time than any other route allowing you to become immersed within the school’s community and strengthen relationships with students. I would argue that the School Direct approach is more demanding as you are on placement throughout the whole training year but this will test you and force you to be organized and, in turn, prepared for your career.

Throughout my first term of teaching, I quickly learned my approaches as a teacher through experience at the front of the classroom but also through observing a vast range of teachers across different subjects. I have also realised the organizational skills that are needed to be a teacher and this is something that I will continue working on throughout my training. Overall, I have enjoyed the challenge of teaching and recognize that the training is a massive challenge, it isn’t easy, there are tough moments but I am glad that I have the opportunity to progress.’

Robbie Bond, English trainee, Tavistock College