Holsworthy College Visited By Award Winning Author

09 October 2023 | ,

Manjeet Mann is the award-winning author of the best-selling YA novels ‘Run Rebel’ and ‘The Crossing’. She also writes play scripts, and screenplays and is a successful actor. As part of Appledore Book Festival, she delivered a thought-provoking presentation to the Year 9 students of Holsworthy College on the inspiration for her novels, which focused on her own experiences of growing up and finding confidence in her ability to be a writer. She followed this with a Q and A where several students were able to have their questions about writing and how to begin, answered.


After book signings in the Library, one year 9 group were gifted the opportunity of a writing workshop. Through activities such as free writing from a single-word association and working in pairs to develop a memory into a script with dialogue, students developed confidence in getting ideas down on paper and overcoming the fear of not knowing how to start. Many students felt empowered to write in this more personal way, and to have a published author validate their ideas was clearly a great experience.

Manjeet is currently working on her next novel, which is eagerly anticipated here at HCC. Thank you very much for visiting our School.