Holsworthy Community College Students Lead Book Club Sessions at Trust Primary Schools

20 April 2023 | ,

The Holsworthy Community College English department were honoured be able to take ten Year 8 and 9 students to local primaries at the end of March to deliver a Book Club lesson to their Year 5 and 6 peers as part of the Trusts Festival of Hope. This saw students from Bridgerule, Highampton, Bradford and Black Torrington primary schools coming together to sample the delights of ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’ by Rick Riordan – the first of HCC’s Book Club texts – in a session led solely by KS3 volunteers. The quality of these sessions suggests we have some stellar future teachers and some budding literary critics in our midst! Sharing this popular KS3 reading intervention with KS2 pupils, and in turn simultaneously supporting them with their transition to secondary, was a truly wonderful experience for all involved. (Thank you to HCC students Furie Cummings, Sully Sleep, Hattie Leach, Caitlin Watkins, Frazer Bird, Mercedes Smith, Tyler Little, Samuel Hurst, Dan Woods and Layla Godfrey and all staff and students from Bridgerule, Highampton, Bradford and Black Torrington who helped facilitate these visits.)