Intrepid Adventurers from Tavistock and Okehampton Colleges enjoy Ten Tors Challenge​

11 May 2022 |

We are incredibly proud of our students who took part in last week’s Ten Tors Challenge and of the staff who trained and supported them.

It was great to see all the teams finishing after 2 years without the event. They all did so well in this very odd year. We have distributed these photos and names to local press and through our many media channels to give all the Ten Tors and Jubilee Challenge participants the recognition that they deserve.

Okehampton College
Paul Barnett, Ten Tors Coordinator, Okehampton College supplied the following information with names and times etc.

Congratulations to:

35 mile team – India Simmons, Nathaniel Bales, Lily Middleton, Sam Carling, Edward Pearce, Amelie Dawes (DNF). They finished at 13:30.
45 mile team – Matt Luckhurst, Monty Pealing, Joel Culwick, Finley Bower, Oscar Barrau, Thomas Pridday. They finished at 15:40
Staff involved throughout the training (and key to the teams success):

Huge thanks to Mike Deacon, Emma Dean, Samantha Dennis, Rob Parker, Simon Fox, Rhona MacGregor.

Weather during training as low as -9 degrees Celsius and as high as +25 degrees during the event.

Tavistock College
Andy Jerrett, Ten Tors Coordinator, Tavistock College supplied the following information with names of the team members participating.

Congratulations to:

35 mile team – Dark Green t-shirts
Phoebe Wilson
Jemma Martin
Orson Tindal-Draper
Eden Bennett
Ying Hamlyn-Chen
Callum Wing

45 mile team A – pink t-shirts
Joel Blake
Samuel Boyle
Brandon Hunt
Finn Jordan
Mia Gray
Aiya Zaleski

45 mile team B – blue t-shirts
James Russell
Sam Hunter
Millie Brimacombe
Luke Burbage
William White
Laird Whitford

55 mile participants – Purple t-shirts
Benjamin Whitehead
William Russell
Abigail Whitehead
Max Jordan
James Lamb
Lucy Hignett

Jubilee Challenge team – Orange t-shirts
Ruby Chappell
Isaac Crimp
Callum Metters
Wilf Pedler
Ryan Winter
Danny-Lee Allen

Staff support:
Huge thanks to: Stuart Hearne, Justine Hunt, Jess Cunnington, Sam Biggs, Di Krysta, Sue Jerrett, Hazel Cliffton & Tristan Forster.

Volunteer support:
Grateful thanks to: Paul Turnbull, Alice Brimacombe, Kevin Hooper and various other parental support.