Mont St Michel

12 June 2024 |

What an amazing day we have just had! These children are fantastic!

The longer journey into Brittany to reach Mont St Michel was absolutely worth it. A short shuttle bus ride to the base of the mount provided the ‘wow moments’ as we steadily got closer and closer. The climb up some 350+ steps (the final figure is up for debate!) took us to the abbey at the top, where we learned about Bishop Odo, the half brother of William the Conqueror; he had been brought to oversee the creation of the abbey at the top of the fortified building beneath to protect him from angry aggressors following the Battle of Hastings.

There was a stand-out moment when a service was due to begin within the abbey and all 108 children filed silently into pews to take in a few minutes of the choral verse being sung. So many compliments including from nuns, were lavished upon our group due to the outstanding behaviour of such a large cohort of young children, so visible in their red t-shirts. Truly emotional.

Our descent took us through steep winding stairs and cobbled streets. Not one grumble or complaint from any child – quite incredible.

A welcome rest in the shade of some trees to refuel with a lovely picnic lunch brought the morning to a close.

But there is more to come ….the stunning surroundings mean we all were capturing photographs which we need to compile and upload. (Please bear with us whilst this happens and check back later.)