Okehampton College Celebrates Diversity with Youth Culture Champion Training workshops

14 March 2023 | ,

Okehampton College in the UK recently held their first Youth Culture Champion training day on Wednesday, February 22nd. The event brought together 20 students of different ethnicities and heritages for a day of celebrating their identities and strengthening the college’s approach to diversity. The workshop marked the first of four, each with the aim of tackling racism and discrimination within the school and celebrating the diverse community within the college.

The programme is being delivered by Devon Development Education, an organisation that specialises in developing education programs that promote diversity and cultural awareness. The training aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge to become Culture Champions, who can lead initiatives that celebrate and promote the diversity of the college community.

During the first workshop, students and staff shared stories about their heritage and celebrated their diverse cultures. The aim was to help students understand the importance of embracing and celebrating their identities and those of their peers. By sharing their stories, the students gained a better understanding of their backgrounds and developed a sense of belonging within the college community.

The second workshop was held on Friday, March 10th, and was just as successful as the first. The students delivered presentations about themselves, their families, and their cultures. Each presentation was unique, and the audience learned about a wide range of traditions, customs, and practices from all over the world. The students’ presentations were inspiring, and everyone learned so much about different cultures.

Dan Morrow, Trust Leader and CEO also attended the session to listen to some of the presentations and taste some of the wonderful dishes the students had cooked from their different cultures. The students were proud and confident to show the rest of the group their cultures and all set a great example of how to be a Culture Champion for Okehampton College.

The Youth Culture Champion training program is an important step for Okehampton College in promoting diversity and inclusivity within the school community. By educating and empowering students to become Culture Champions, the college is helping to create a safer, more welcoming environment for all students, regardless of their backgrounds.

The program aligns with the school’s commitment to celebrating diverse heritages within its community. It is hoped that the workshops will lead to more initiatives and events that celebrate diversity and promote inclusivity within the school community.

The Youth Culture Champion training program is a positive step towards tackling racism and discrimination within schools.