Okehampton College Host Trust Wide Rounders Tournament

06 July 2023 | ,

On Tuesday 13th June we held our first MAT central Venue League tournament hosted at Okehampton College for the Secondary schools. Students from Years 7,8 and 9 from Holsworthy and Okehampton took part. It was a fantastic afternoon of rounders and students showed great competitiveness, sportsmanship and showed massive amounts of community values which was just a joy to be a part of. 

The Year 7 tournament resulted in a win for Holsworthy 27-11.5 rounders. Special mention must be given to Cobe (Holsworthy’s players player), Charlie (for fantastic batting for Holsworthy), Jack (for fantastic bowling for Holsworthy), Arthur and May (For fantastic fielding from back stop to first for Holsworthy), Ella (For being Okehampton’s players player) and Connie (who caught lots out in the field for Okehampton).

The Year 8 tournament resulted in an overall win for Holsworthy A team. Special mention should be given to Gav (Player of the match from Holsworthy), Brooke (fantastic batting for Holsworthy) and Layla (fantastic bowling for Holsworthy), and Aiden and Olly (for fantastic batting for Okehampton).

The Year 9 tournament was a nail biter which could have gone either way but eventually resulted in a win for Okehampton 26 rounders to 21. Special mention should be given to Tisha (nominated overall player of the match for Holsworthy for amazing batting, and for being a great backstop), Finley (great batting for Holsworthy), Alfie (for amazing bowling for Holsworthy), Faye H (For being Okehampton’s player of the match), Iris and Fearne (for great fielding from the backstop position for Okehampton).

The students were absolutely impeccable, and I thank all for such a great event.