Okehampton College Invites Local Community to Celebrate Spring Concert 2023

24 March 2023 | ,

On the 22nd March 2023, Okehampton College opened its doors to the local community for their highly anticipated Spring Concert. This annual event is a celebration of the extracurricular music clubs and the exceptional work that students have been participating in throughout the term.

The 6th Form musicians of Okehampton College chose this year’s theme, which was 70’s & 80’s music and co-ordinated the entire event. Each ensemble was asked to prepare something that would tie in with this theme, resulting in a fantastic array of musical performances that brought back memories of an iconic era.

Students from Year 8 to Year 13 were involved throughout the evening and for some, this was their last concert at Okehampton College after participating in every musical event over the past 7 years. Their leadership and organisation throughout the evening marked their celebratory rite of passage.

The evening started with a rendition of the famous Doctor Who theme played by the musicians in the Little Big Band and Orchestra. Every ensemble and soloist, from the youngest Year 8’s to the older Year 10’s; The Stereo Problems; Year 11 and Sixth Form Bands, performed their original compositions and well-known 70’s and 80’s numbers with energy and joy, this was echoed by the oldest members of the audience initiating whole audience participation in the YMCA dance number whilst the Orchestra played! As the evening drew to a close, the musicians came together to perform a reggae-influenced version of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.’ The audience was left feeling exhilarated and energised, and it was clear that the hard work and dedication of the students and staff had paid off. Every performance was refreshingly unique and yet they all shared a common theme – their love of performance and a sense of belonging.

In summary, the Spring Concert 2023 at Okehampton College was a night to remember. It showcased the incredible talent of the students and provided an opportunity for them to demonstrate their love for music and performance. Alongside the incredible talent of the students, the buzz from the support of parents, carers and local community filled the room. Okehampton College should be very proud of their students’ exceptional hard work, talent and accomplishments