Our cheerleader champions need your support!

07 November 2023 |

Brooke (year 7 at HCC), Poppy (year 7 at OCC) and Immy (Bridestowe TA) have had an amazing year so far, they have made us all incredibly proud of them and their achievements.

Talented cheerleaders who compete at National level several times a year, this year including Swansea, Bath, Antrim, Loughborough and Newport.

Our DMAT girls now have an amazing opportunity to compete at international level following their success at the Bristol tryouts. The All-star World Championships will be based in Florida next spring.

The inclusivity of the team they are competing in is outstanding, with a unified adapted ability team, which is a mix of able-bodied and disabled athletes.

Our girls work and train hard on their complex routines and regularly travel to Bristol for further training. It takes a lot of discipline, strength and determination to learn the choreography and maintain their fitness.

Your support could really help us get our DMAT girls to the All-Star World Championships next year.

We have set up a fundraising page for anyone who can help support this amazing opportunity for Brooke, Poppy and Immy. For more information please click here. https://gofund.me/e55c8520

We believe this trip will be a rewarding and life changing event and would like to thank everyone for supporting us.