Partner School Visit: Cecil Newton Primary School

14 June 2024 |

Two of our coaches made a very special visit to one of our partner schools – the Cecil Newton Primary which is named after the veteran, now 100 years old who we met last week at the service held at the war memorial. It was so lovely for the children to meet and play with the children who had presented the white roses to all of the veterans on the D day at the British Memorial.

Activities had been prepared including 2 short plays which the older children presented in English for us! SO impressive!

Back in the classrooms, our children spent time in groups with the French children doing an art activity and a bingo game. A well-deserved playtime during which any nerves that had been present, quickly dispersed and what we saw, was just children, all loving playing together! It was truly wonderful!

Our time at the school, too quickly came to an end and we needed to leave to board our coaches. The French children gathered into 2 lines, waving union flags and cheered us as we left – what a memorable and special moment for our children! One they will never forget.