Spotlight on Staff with Greg Hopton

23 December 2022 |

Our new blog series ‘Spotlight on Staff’ has been launched to showcase the great team we have here at Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust. 

We are keen to introduce you to the large team of fantastic staff we have across the Trust and to give you an insight into the work they do as we strive to serve our stakeholders and improve the life chances of the students in our schools.

Greg Hopton, Interim Director Of People joins us as the next guest for Spotlight on Staff

Can you give a brief overview of your role at the Trust and some information about your career so far?

My role leads all aspects of the People team – I see this, our mission, as supporting people & teams within our organisation bring their best selves to work.

I’ve been leading People teams for about 10 years in the public and in non profit sectors – but my career has been very wiggly. Most of these “wiggles” are related to being passionate about people and culture on a global scale – I try to bring it all!  I’m an executive coach, I’ve been a part time stay at home dad, worked for myself and done extensive amounts of independent travel!

What do you enjoy most about working for the Trust?

The privilege to work in service of others:  My team, to serve the organisation, who serve our children, families and communities.

How would you describe your team/ people you work with?

Whilst there are some familiar faces in the team, we are a new team coming together. I’d say we are a diverse, conscientious, and talented team with a mix of strengths and experience, who are very focused on the People that work for our organisation

If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

Intentionally build and value a great team of people around you where you have trust and open dialogue  – friends, colleagues, family: Supporters and critical friends in your life and work are an invaluable resource to pull from. Don’t be alone, work as a team. I think this is one thing? Id be interested to hear what advice the younger me would have for old me. Chill out perhaps?