St Mere Église

07 June 2024 |

St Mere Église was buzzing with activity today due to the 80th anniversary of D-Day! The square was filled with stands, a big stage with bands and orchestras playing and the souvenir shops, filled with eager tourists.

As we arrived, a procession of American army vehicles was making its way through the town. Looking up at the church, situated centrally in the town,  children learned about John Steele, an American paratrooper whose parachute became entangled in the spire as he floated  down from the plane. He had to hang for 2 hours pretending to be dead to avoid being shot at by Germans in the square. A model of him hangs from the spire.

Following our picnic in the shade of the church, watching the goings on around us, we were able to visit some of the shops and stalls, to buy some additional souvenirs and try out some French.

A distant rumble of engines drew our attention to the blue skies and as the sound rapidly grew to roar, we marvelled at a display of WW2 planes flying low overhead.

Next, a superb visit to the Airborne Museum delivered a wide variety of activities and exhibits for the children to experience. Many said it was their favourite museum ever!

The coach has provided some welcome relief to our tired legs and we are now off to our next visit!