Story Sacks for Boasley Cross Primary School

04 May 2023 | ,

Boasley Cross Primary School is proud to announce the launch of their brand-new Story Sacks for their Littlemoor class. Created with the aim of bringing the joy of reading to life, these Story Sacks are now being taken home by enthusiastic Boasley Cross pupils to share with their families.

The Story Sacks are filled with a range of props to animate each story and help bring the characters to life. The aim is to provide children with boundless opportunities to explore new language, develop memory recall, and most importantly, learn that reading is fun!

Miss Smaridge, the teacher of Littlemoor class, worked alongside school parent Sara Sumner to develop the Story Sack contents. Together, they drew the school community together to find the books, source or create the props, and make the sacks. The Friends of Boasley Cross Primary School generously financed the project and with their efforts, the students of Littlemoor class are sure to have countless exciting adventures within the pages of these wonderful Story Sacks.

The creation of these Story Sacks is a testament to the commitment of Boasley Cross and their local community’s passion to inspire a love of reading in its students. By providing an immersive and engaging way to experience stories, the school hopes to ignite a passion for reading that will last a lifetime.