28 February 2024 |

Tavistock College, in collaboration with Tavistock Netball Club, is proud to announce the successful acquisition of £15,000 from Active Devon’s share of the Department for Education’s initiative aimed at opening school facilities to support local communities. This funding will be instrumental in establishing Tavistock’s first youth netball team, providing an exciting opportunity for young people and the wider community to engage in the sport. Further information about Active Devon’s work can be read at https://activedevon.org/up-to-57m-for-schools-to-open-their-sports-facilities-to-help-communities-be-active/

The initiative, made possible through a partnership between Tavistock College and Tavistock Netball Club, reflects a shared commitment to promoting physical activity and fostering community engagement. With the support of this grant, the partners aim to enhance access to sports facilities and encourage youth participation in netball.

Sarah and Lisa, representatives from Tavistock Netball Club, expressed their enthusiasm for the launch of the junior netball team, remarking, “Myself and Lisa are really excited to finally launch junior netball within Tavistock. It’s been something that we have spoken about for years, and now, with the support of Tavistock College, it’s becoming a reality.”

Tavistock Netball Club, boasting three senior teams in the PDNL and a growing membership base, is dedicated to promoting physical activity and creating a welcoming environment for all participants. The establishment of a youth netball team aligns with the club’s mission to encourage community engagement and foster a love for the sport among young athletes.

England Netball has also expressed its excitement over the development, with Jennifer Kelly, England Netball Development Officer for Devon, stating, “This is a fantastic development for the area providing much-needed access to community netball for the young people of Tavistock and the surrounding areas. As the netball development officer for Devon, I am looking forward to working with the club to become established and create an inclusive environment where girls can belong, flourish, and soar.”

Tristan Muller-Forster, Principal of Tavistock College, added, “We are thrilled to partner with Tavistock Netball Club in bringing this exciting opportunity to our community. Supporting initiatives like these not only promote physical well-being but also strengthen community bonds and provide valuable opportunities for our young people to thrive.”

The launch of Tavistock’s junior netball team marks a significant milestone in the community’s sporting landscape, offering young athletes an opportunity to develop their skills, foster camaraderie, and promote active lifestyles.