Tavistock College Celebrates Ten Years of their Sports Personality of the Year Awards

30 March 2023 | ,

The tenth edition of the Sports Personality of the Year awards evening took place in an electric atmosphere in the main hall at Tavistock College on Thursday 23rd February.  This evening was hosted by the Tavistock College Physical Education faculty to celebrate the achievements of the fantastic PE students at the college.  Whether this is through achievement in curriculum time; successes in examination courses; contribution to the college through sport or outstanding practical performance in the local community and beyond.  The evening demonstrated the shared attributes of all the students, to have a positive mindset to improve, pride in their work, high levels of skill and the competitive edge to be successful.  The Students all demonstrate the ability to find an extra percent or source of energy to continue to beat personal bests or break records or in a team environment reach further in competitions.

The evening also saw winners from the local primary feeder schools as well as the Hall of fame award to honour significant achievement to PE at the college and awards for contribution to PE at the college and the local community.

The evening’s proceedings were enhanced by many students from the PE student leadership team, as well as the head students speaking on the evening.

There were many awards given out during the night which concluded in the Ashley Tossell Sports Personality of the Year award winner from a shortlist of 8 students.  Some of the award winners included.

Hannah Bragg award – Megan Griffiths

Primary performer award – Thomas Hambley

Curriculum awards

Year 7 – Achievement – Thomas Hennessey

Co-operative – Sujan Kumar

Year 8 – Achievement – Lamorna Cox

Co-operative – Chris Davis

Year 9 – Achievement – Evie Palmer

Co-operative – Morgan Carter

Year 10 – Achievement – Erin Hill

Co-operative – Jed Yusof

Year 11 – Achievement – Gabe Hillman

Co-operative – Alex Morwood


Examination qualifications –

GCSE PE – Charlotte Walker

BTEC Sport level 2 – Kirsty Balsdon

BTEC Sport level 3 – Brandon Allen

BTEC uniformed protective services level 3 – Eden Holman

Child Development – Lucia Avent

Health and social care – Sky Cole

Sports leaders – Alanna Evenden

Outstanding practical performer

Year 7 – Brooke Shaw

Year 8 – Lamorna Cox

Year 9 – Tegan Brown

Year 10 – Alex Shutt

Year 11 – Daniel Holman

Year 12 – Olivia Willson

Year 13 – Ruby Stacey

Contribution to college through sport awards

Year 7 – Jasmine Archer

Year 8 –  Molly Riddy

Year 9 – Tanisha Jago

Year 10 – Oliver Houlberg

Year 11 – Kaya Mpofu

Year 12 – Georgia Buckingham

Year 13 – Jack Hall

Principals contribution award – National athletics team – Tegan Brown, Nick Maczugowski and Phoebe Milburn

Trustees team of the year award – Year 8/9 girls cross country team –

Ashley Tossell Sports Personality of the Year  –

1st – Brandon Allen

2nd – Daniel Holman

3rd – Phoebe Milburn

The following is the citation written about the winner Brandon Allen.

The winner of the Ashley Tossell Sports Personality was awarded to a student has an ability to support and think about others, as well as having an unbelievable personal drive to succeed.  They have been able to show this excellence not only in their own sporting performance, but also in an academic setting, where the highest level of challenge is strived for, as well as the ability to support others who are finding this challenge difficult.  This is combined with a passion and empathy towards the work the PE faculty do at the college and the constant offer to support in driving PE forward.

The winner of the Ashley Tossell sports personality of the year award is Brandon Allen.

Mr. Shaun Hulbert expresses his thanks to the vast team of people involved with this production who gave up their time and energy to make this show happen each year.  Onwards to next years Sports Personality of The Year awards!