Tavistock College Students Engineer Thrilling Experience During Disneyland Paris

21 February 2024 | ,

Tavistock College students recently embarked on an exhilarating STEM trip to Disneyland Paris, where education and amusement seamlessly collide.

Before the trip, students participated in a unique challenge to design and construct their own rollercoaster. The assignment required not only innovation in engineering but also the application of scientific principles, as students presented their creations supported by meticulous calculations of average speed and thematic information.

Overseeing the STEM trip, Dr Kelly expressed admiration for the student’s exceptional performance, stating, “For many of our students, this

was their first trip abroad without their families, and for some their first trip abroad at all. After a very long first day of travelling we all enjoyed our first full day in the main Disneyland Park, with a highlight being the incredible Disney Dreams fireworks and drone show. Our second day was spent in the Walt Disney Studios Park and included our STEM seminar and workshop. The students gave a great account of themselves when designing and presenting their own roller coaster themes. After another long day or travelling home all the staff agreed that our students had been a pleasure to spend time with had represented Tavistock College and DMAT superbly well.”

Whilst in the parks, the students had a fantastic time learning about the science behind the magic, but of course, enjoying all the amazing rides and shows.