Tavistock’s Amazing Apple Enterprise

19 October 2022 | ,

Homemade apple juice produced by Year 7 students from Tavistock College has been sold at the historic Goose Fair to raise money for charity.

Students from the College, which is part of Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust, were invited to a nearby orchard to help pick apples as part of a local farm’s annual harvest.

The apples were then delivered to Pete’s Apple Pressing at Treninnow Farm, where the students’ impressive apple collection was made into 242 bottles of apple juice.

Whilst the juice was being pressed and bottled, the students were given the opportunity to get their creative juices flowing, each designing a label for the bottles. At the Fair, the bottled juice was sold at £4 a bottle with proceeds to be donated to the Year 7 community fund. Fair attendees were impressed with the students’ efforts and were incredibly supportive of the College, commenting on their uniform and pride.

The historic Goose Fair is held annually in Tavistock as a way to bring the community together. Having originated in the early 12th century as a social event to support local women and girls, as well as celebrate local business, the fair hosts business from across the region, selling a wide variety of goods.

This is a great opportunity to give the students an insight into the apple pressing process, inspiring entrepreneurial mindset as well as giving them a sense of pride at seeing their own bottles sold at such a historic fair for a good cause.

Bronnie Berryman, Deputy Head of Year 7 at Tavistock College, said:

“The students really enjoyed getting their hands dirty at the Orchard, assisting with the harvest of the apples as well as gaining greater insight into the full juice journey. Being involved in the production from the initial harvest to the point of sale, gave them a great insight into a local business’ operations.

“We are so proud of how enthusiastic all the students were, and we are very pleased to have been able to support local businesses and charitable causes whilst strengthening our relationships with the local community.”