The 44 Day Challenge

05 July 2022 |

It is with great pleasure that I get to write about how proud I am of the students at HCC. In February we announced that we would be doing the 44 day challenge yet again, and the take-up from staff and students was just brilliant.

The main aim was to give up either cake, chocolate, sweets or crisps (some students gave up all of them!) or to ensure you completed 20 minutes of exercise every day. With the ongoing challenges of Covid this was a timely event which encouraged staff and students to come together on a joint project. The conversations I had daily with students regarding giving up their daily chocolate or having to do some exercise were a joy, and I’m proud to report that the vast majority of those individuals who signed up to the challenge completed it. Our sports council felt this would be a great opportunity to raise money towards extra gym equipment for the benefit of our students, whilst the other half of the money will go towards the people of Ukraine. I cannot believe it, but we have raised £1066!

This is just so amazing and as Head of PE at HCC I believe we have such special students who really do go the extra mile. Prizes for all pupils have been given out to show our appreciation for the hard work of these students. Four students managed to raise over £100 each which is really incredible. I would like to say I am looking forward to doing the same next year but without my daily crisps and chocolate I am not quite sure!!

Mr Vanstone, Head of PE, Holsworthy Community College