Visit to a new partner primary School

14 June 2024 |

Children in coach 2 were invited to St Exupery primary this afternoon. We were welcomed into their Y5/6 class by their teacher who they call Marie or “maitresse”. We were very nervous! We looked arounf the classroom, interested in the differences and similarities with their classroom and our own. The tables and chairs were very different with hooks for their bags to hang on. There were no interactive boards or classroom displays. We were very impressed by their beautiful handwriting.

We spent an hour playing games, creating art about friendship and international relations. We also played a bingo games where we had to ask our new French friends lots of questions about themselves, until we completed our grid. It was a great way for us to practise our French.

At 3pm we joined the children for their playtime. We loved competing in races and taking part in playground games with the French children.

The French school gave us a lovely send off and we left with big smiles on our faces.

The children commented:

I grew in confidence when I realised they made mistakes in English like I make in French”

“They’re just like us really. We play the same games and they were very cooperative and kind with the games.”

“The visit to the school was the best part of the whole visit!”

The children were really excited to speak to us and very friendly.”

“It was fun to see how different schools in France work!”

“I wish we could have spent all day there!”