Voices Foundation – Festival of Hope

26 May 2022 |

Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust (DMAT) and Voices Foundation have formed an outstanding partnership to develop and embed a progressive music curriculum for their pupils, staff, and school communities throughout the Trust’s 14 primary schools. Voices Foundation’s Artist Practitioners continue to work in partnership with classroom teachers in all 14 DMAT schools to provide the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to deliver high-quality music education through singing.

“We know that singing is a great way for improving well-being and we know that children have really suffered over the last couple of years in particular. This festival will showcase the work that the Voices Foundation team has done with teachers right across the Trust and the heartening achievements of the children as singing has become an even greater part of their daily lives as a result of that work.” – Manvinder Rattan, CEO of Voices Foundation

This summer (4th – 7th July), Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust is holding the Festival of Hope. The festival will be a set of events that will bring together teachers, students, and community members to celebrate the great practice that occurs within the schools. The community has faced some difficult times in the past two years, but has remained resilient and determined. During these challenging times, Voices Foundation has worked in person and online with each school to provide accessible high-quality music education, empowering educators and supporting the development of pupils, thereby continuing the partnership pathways.

The Festival of Hope is centred on delivering a set of pillars that include creativity, innovation, literacy, artistic performances, and community. The Festival of Hope will foster a sense of belonging among all students and pupils by combining events with school activities. We are hoping that some schools will include their end of term concert facilitated by the Voices Foundation within this week and members of the local community will attend.