Year 12 Students Host Primary Rounders Event at Tavistock College

01 June 2023 | ,

On Wednesday 24th of May, Tavistock College welcomed 5 primary schools to compete in a rounder’s tournament. This rounders tournament was run as a part of the level 3 BTEC sport student’s course. These primary schools were St Peter’s, Mary Tavy and Brentor, Tavistock, Princetown and last but not least Bere Alston, meaning that overall there were approximately 85 primary school students in attendance with 8 teams all together. The tournament was organised by the year 12 Level 3 Double sport students (Kirsty, Amy, Harry and Elliott), and aided on the day by year 12 single sport students for a range of roles such as umpiring and team leading. Each and every school did amazingly in the Round Robin tournament but In the end, after all the games that got played, St Peter’s A team and Mary Tavy and Brentor’s team went head to head to be crowned champions, with Mary Tavy and Brentor leaving victorious.

Congratulations to the hard work and deication the students put into hosting this event.