Youth Cultural Champions: Celebrating Diversity and Empowering Change

04 May 2023 | ,

The Youth Cultural Champions at Okehampton College recently completed their final workshop, concluding a program that has allowed them to explore and celebrate their diverse cultural backgrounds. Over the course of several weeks, these students have shared their stories, artefacts, and examples of food from their cultures, while engaging in discussions about the racism and discrimination based on their own experiences.

Throughout this process, the Youth Cultural Champions have developed a deep sense of pride in themselves and their cultural heritage, as well as a new found appreciation for the diversity of their peers. They have also gained a better understanding of the ways in which racism and discrimination can manifest in our communities.

On Friday 21st April, the Youth Cultural Champions gathered for a celebratory workshop, where they participated in a bonfire ritual and received certificates for their hard work. This group has truly demonstrated a positive and respectful approach to learning and growth and will take this experience forward allowing them to serve as role models for future generations of students.

The group will continue to meet in order to create implementation plans based on their training that are specific to the college. Their goal is to start to change the culture within the school challenging racism if present, while also educating their peers about the importance of diversity and inclusion.

This is an exciting step forward within the college and we are proud to have such passionate and dedicated young people leading this programme. By working together, we can create a more inclusive and equitable community that values and celebrates diversity in all its forms. Congratulations to all Youth Cultural Champions and thank you for inspiring us all to be better.