Governance services

Successful Trusts are underpinned by efficient governance services, and we can support you to make this a reality. Some of the areas we can help you with include:

  • Have you recently undergone an external review of governance and are looking for advice on redefining your governance structure? We can assist with advice on the best way to achieve the recommendations made
  • Do you need assistance with the development and maintenance of terms of reference and delegation structures? Our Governance Team can provide advice and guidance
  • The strategic recovery and ongoing development of our schools post COVID from a governance perspective will be key for our children. We can provide support and advice on training for both trustees and governors and suggest ideas to ensure their safety and wellbeing, whilst at the same time ensuring high quality education is delivered and where inequality is tackled
  • Perhaps you need advice on setting agendas for your committee meetings to ensure key matters and statutory duties are fulfilled? Our Governance Team can provide advice and guidance on annual planners and agendas creation
  • We have clerks available to assist with independent review panels where the decision of a governing body to uphold the decision to permanently exclude a pupil is reviewed
  • Clerk coaching – we can work with you to assess what gaps there are in your clerks and provide guidance and signpost training to build their knowledge and address skill gaps

When working with you, it would be important for us to get a robust understanding of your Trust, including the current issues you face and your future objectives. We would then work closely on the areas that you feel need addressing to ensure the continued success of your organisation.