School improvement partnerships

Our Trust is predicated on a set of values and principles that prioritises school-to-school support and development. Our view is that any school improvement work undertaken outside our organisation provides mutual opportunities for growth, and we have a team of professionals who are committed to this way of thinking.

We can offer our services on an individual or Trust-wide level. In all cases, we co-design the offer we make rather than relying on a template programme that may not be appropriate for school leaders and Trusts. We have experienced coaches, leaders of Professional Development and an executive leadership team to help schools and Trusts develop an improvement strategy. Our School improvement offer includes:

  • Leadership coaching (including middle leadership, senior leadership, headship, executive headship and CEO coaching)
  • Strategic planning (including rapid improvement planning and professional development design)
  • Curriculum design and development (early years, primary and secondary phases)
  • Developing coherent and impactful pedagogical approaches (early years, primary and secondary phases)
  • School reviews and evaluations (some of our colleagues are Ofsted trained and are active inspectors)
  • Stakeholder engagement programmes and support